Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern des Mattli Antoniushaus

Our Surroundings

The Mattli hotel is a place of power, peace, recreation and relaxation. A place where cuckoos call in spring and cattle graze in summer.

At Mattli’s Antoniushaus, wellness means sitting on the spacious terrace with its fantastic view and enjoying the wind in your face, watching lizards, butterflies and bumblebees go about their business in the yard, appreciating the benefits of hydrotherapy at the well, taking a walk along the mountain crest through scented woods, relishing in the magnificent view of Lake Lucerne shimmering in turquoise hues or stopping off at the chapel.

A whole network of walking and hiking paths, including the ‘Sensory Trail’ leading to Hugo Kükelhaus, start right in front of our doorstep. The lifts and adventure pools at Morschach-Stoos round off the range of enjoyable leisure activities.

We have a vision

Promoting a mindful approach to life, our range of courses and services offer an alternative to the global mainstream and its ‘faster, more and cheaper’ philosophy.

Thanks to big panorama windows, our seminar rooms are suffused with daylight. Each of them has a direct exit to group workplaces outdoors or in the yard.

We prepare the seminar rooms according to the conference managers’ instructions and provide an in-house technician who will answer questions on arrival and will meet any short-term infrastructure requests.

Before and after lunch, we provide snacks at break times, serve aperitifs at the end of the seminar day and prepare special dinners, such as event barbecues, Tavolatas or Fondues.

Our Courses

Built on rock, the Mattli Antoniushaus is a well-grounded and inspired place – a peaceful setting that allows you to refuel your batteries.

Our educational and cultural courses offer space and time, stimulation and food for thought, inspiration and questions that lead somewhere, bring people together and open up new opportunities.

Our event programme focuses on the following subject areas:

Franciscan education, Franciscan spirituality, church, society, ethics and the environment, art and culture, music and dance, life situations, self-development and quality of life as well as religion and theology.

The programme is available on our website at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! an annual programme.

Franciscan values

Built on the grounds of the Franciscan Community in German-Speaking Switzerland, the Mattli Antoniushaus has been a place of education, hospitality and peace since 1967.

The Franciscan Community consists of women and men whose everyday life is inspired by the kindness and compassion of Francis and Clare, the saints of Assisi. In Switzerland, these men and women have formed an association, at the global level they come together in the Secular Franciscan Order.

Although, on the outside, our lives are very different from the times of Francis and Clare, the values of simplicity, openness and togetherness continue to apply today. At the Mattli Antoniushaus, we foster a symbiotic relationship between Franciscan education and our sustainable seminar centre.

Food and drink

Naturally, we pay close attention to the food and drink we serve our guests. We are on familiar terms with our suppliers and make sure that we know where our products come from.

With the exception of coffee, lemons and spices, all of our products are made in Switzerland, preferably in the region. We also adhere to the ‘Swissness’ concept in terms of the drinks we serve.

Whether we cook for seminar guests, restaurant guests or banquet guests,

our meals are freshly prepared and we ensure that all the nutrients are preserved. Special meals for allergy sufferers and guests with intolerances are among our standard services.


The hotel’s 60 rooms, ranging from spacious single and double rooms with shower/WC to family rooms, single rooms with running water and tourist bunks, can accommodate around 100 guests. The rooms were completely renovated in 2020.

Resource preservation is the one luxury we indulge in – the Mattli Antoniushaus has been CO2 neutral since 2014.

Checkout ends before courses begin. After 11.00 a.m., a late checkout charge of CHF 25.– applies.

The accommodation costs are payable in person, either in cash (CHF) or by debit/credit card. This applies to both individual travellers and course attendants.

Our Rooms

The below prices are per person and night including VAT and sustainability bonus, excl. visitor’s tax. 

Child discount

Children under 6 who sleep in their parents’ room are free of charge. A 50% discount applies to children aged 6 to 15.

Room facilities and cleaning

Our rooms are very quiet and have all essential conveniences. Radios, TVs and telephones have been intentionally excluded.

To honour the privacy of our guests, we do not enter any guest rooms during their stay. In the case of longer stays, the rooms are cleaned briefly in the middle of the week.